Sales Rep Bryan Schoelch Problem-Solves through Communication, Logic and Diligence  

Sales Rep Bryan Schoelch Problem-Solves through Communication, Logic and Diligence  

Bryan Schoelch recently joined the Superior Industrial Supply team as a Regional Sales Representative. Bryan listens to his customers’ needs and takes that intel to deliver the right solution at the right time. When he’s not working, flyfishing or taking care of his 9-month-old daughter, Bryan is proud to be a die-hard St. Louis Blues and Cardinals fan and takes in as many ball games as he can.  

We wanted to know more about Bryan. Here’s what he had to say: 

Would you mind telling us a little about your experience before coming to Superior Industrial Supply?

I’ve been in the industrial supply world for about 13 years and worked for a major, national distributor for about 11 of those years. During that time, I worked as a sales representative and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) specialist and gained extensive knowledge within the MRO industry.  

I know that Superior values education and training. Can you tell me a little about your onboarding process?

As some of the more-tenured salespeople reach retirement age, Superior implements a lengthy training process for new salespeople that focuses on the industrial supply side as well as hydraulic and hose fittings. I’ve taken numerous ridealongs, a virtual training course with Danfoss/Eaton Weatherhead and plan to spend time with warehouse and the counter personnel to learn everything I can about hydraulic systems. Everyone on the team has been super forthcoming with all their knowledge and experience.  

What makes you excited to be a part of the Superior family?  

I got a good vibe from Tom Nolan and the company as a whole. I came from a big conglomerate and was excited to join a smaller, local company. Plus, I love the longevity of almost every single employee here. That was a big indicator for me. It’s tough to keep people nowadays, but Superior has kept their core for many years. I respect that people hang around. They all take their job seriously but have fun, too. It’s a good group of people.  

What makes you excited about this industry?  

I’ve been in this industry for 13 years, and no question, it’s the customers who excite me about this industry. I am fascinated by the work they do. I’ve had St. Louis customers that I would meet in airplane hangars. I’ve walked into manufacturing plants where they make boots for the military. It’s endless. The learning is never complete, you just keep building on it and applying it.  

Before coming aboard Superior, is there a customer success story you are proud of?  

During the pandemic, I had a big food processing customer that had to have nitrile gloves. At the time, it was incredibly challenging to source certain types of gloves. And for this customer, I couldn’t get just any glove. Gloves had to be approved by their quality assurance department before we could even put it on their shelf. I knew their business inside and out, and through diligence and communication, I found a way to keep them stocked for each of their three shifts. It didn’t stop at gloves. I was able to keep them stocked with other PPE related items like suits, boots, safety glasses and more.