Clues for Recognizing and Avoiding Counterfeit Hydraulic Hoses and Assemblies

Clues for Recognizing and Avoiding Counterfeit Hydraulic Hoses and Assemblies

It’s no surprise that purchasing counterfeit products is never a good idea. Not only are these products typically lower quality than the real ones, but they are illegal and for good reason. When you purchase imitation products unknowingly or otherwise, you could be supporting criminal activity that includes unfair working conditions, environmental damage, child labor and a host of other problems.

Even when a company has a trusted supplier for their industrial needs, they may be inclined to search online for parts to older, more obsolete equipment or be tempted by cheap prices. Unfortunately, the risk of buying fake parts increases when purchasing supplies online from an unknown or unclear source. Sadly, there are people looking to make a fast buck, at your expense.

For that reason, Efficient Plant Magazine recommends certifying a primary supplier or distributor for your genuine parts. It also notes that internet-only sources often carry the highest risk and the lowest confidence of products.

When you purchase genuine parts like hydraulic hoses from an approved distributor you can rest assured you will receive authentic, certified parts that fit and function correctly. These hoses have been thoroughly evaluated and certified to deliver the best performance and safety.

Importance of Certifying Hydraulic Hoses for Authenticity

Strict regulation of industrial supplies like hydraulic hoses, high-pressure hoses and hose assemblies improve the overall operation of your assembly, including longer service life and fewer repairs. The danger with using counterfeit hydraulic hoses is that the products are often substandard and can lead to premature failure or safety hazards.

Consistent testing and regular audits of the manufacturing process includes:

  • Proof and leakage tests
  • Material testing
  • Approval of manufacturing or process changes
  • Application change reviews
  • Examination of construction or design flaws
  • Assembly specifications
  • Environmental constraints
  • Burst/bend tests
  • Conductivity tests
  • Exposure limits to oil, extreme temperatures or other factors
  • Dimensional checks
  • Abrasion evaluations
  • Vibration tests
  • Temperature cycling evaluation

Now, imagine if your hydraulic hose assemblies for heavy equipment or other machinery weren’t certified through these measures. Hydraulic systems store fluid under high pressure. When they fail, they can create environmental damage due to hydraulic fluid leaks or danger to those in the field (i.e. burns, bruises, cuts and abrasion).

Don’t be Duped by Counterfeit Hydraulic Hoses

Counterfeit parts are intentionally misidentified, mismarked and misrepresented to appear similar to genuine, certified parts. That can make it difficult to identify the real from the fake. When buying pumps, pistons and other hydraulic components, phony parts are much easier to spot because they often have serial numbers you can compare to reputable OEM or aftermarket shops. Hoses, seals and bearings, on the other hand, are a little trickier. They may not have serial numbers to compare, and if there are markings, they could be misrepresented. Counterfeit hoses may have:

  • Phony certificates
  • Near identical logos
  • Fake engraved markings
  • Identical packaging

Imitation Hydraulic Hoses are NOT Cost-Savers

Without testing and evaluation of components, copycat hose products and supplies are dangerous and costly. When a hydraulic system fails, not only are employees at serious risk of injury but there is an increased likelihood of catastrophic equipment failure, injury or even death. Additionally, counterfeit hydraulic hoses won’t have the lifespan a genuine hose will, so any initial cost savings will be lost due to increased maintenance costs, system replacements and unnecessary downtime.

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