Central Mine Equipment Simplifies Supply Chain with Superior Industrial Supply

Central Mine Equipment Simplifies Supply Chain with Superior Industrial Supply

“If we run into an issue and need a part, we know we can call them and get what we need the next day, sometimes even the same day.”

— David Maine, director of purchasing at Central Mine Equipment 

Central Mine Equipment has been doing business with Superior Industrial Supply and relied on their extensive experience and targeted customer service for several decades, primarily for their fastening needs.  

Founded in 1928, Central Mine Equipment (CME) has manufactured mechanically driven multi-purpose drilling rigs for the geotechnical, environmental and water well drilling industries. CME drilling rigs are custom designed to the end-user’s specific drilling needs and preferences to be mounted on skids, trailers, trucks, rubber tracks or rubber tire ATV carriers.   

About five years ago, CME shifted its hydraulic spend from Eaton Weatherhead to a local distributor it could trust. That’s when they turned to their trusted Superior sales representative, Rich Italiano.  

Italiano not only had an extensive background in hydraulic systems but also previously worked for Weatherhead and had a robust product line knowledge.  

Much of CME’s drill rig manufacturing is highly specialized and involves complex systems and applications. Due to the highly customized nature of business, CME has an in-house team of engineers and very specific operational functions to run their business effectively. Their precise work requires a supply partner who understands their business and can act as a true partner rather than strictly transactional.   

Through regular visits and routine collaboration, the partners were able to:  

  • Minimize downtime with product availability on mission-critical items 
  • Simplify and expedite ordering process with customized parts numbers 
  • Consolidate supply chain for fasteners and hydraulic needs 

While CME has a talented team of maintenance professionals on staff, CME’s purchasing director, David Maine appreciates the support he gets from Italiano and Superior. “Rich will come out and evaluate the situation and get us the parts as soon as possible. A big advantage of working with a distributor like Superior over the manufacturer directly is that I can save time. It’s just one phone call. Superior considers our objectives, provides great turnaround and resolves any issues we have.”   

Superior Industrial Supply knows how important it is to have durable and reliable equipment for your most demanding applications. It’s why we specialize in fastener selection, hydraulic hose assembly and repairs. Give us a call at 314-638-6500 OPTION 4 or 800-783-6501 and let us know how we can help you find the products, services and advice you need to do just that. 

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