Problem-Solver and Photographer Extraordinaire, Steve Baker at Your Service

Problem-Solver and Photographer Extraordinaire, Steve Baker at Your Service

Meet Steve Baker, Counter Service Representative for Superior Industrial Supply. For the last six years, he’s brought a keen eye for problem-solving and attention to detail to the Superior counter team. He looks forward to getting to know you and your business needs to devise customized solutions for your hydraulic problems. Let’s get to know Steve a little better.  

1) What was your experience before coming to work with Superior? 
From 2000 to 2009, I worked for a couple local brokerage firms in the Mutual Funds department where I balanced shares and called on mutual fund companies to resolve share imbalance problems.

In 2009, I was laid off as a result of the recession and decided I needed a whole new change of career. So, I went back to college for my Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art Photography. After receiving my degree, I explored a few temporary agency jobs that were completely unrelated to my degree.

In September of 2016, my temp agency supervisor turned me on to a counter help position at Superior Industrial Supply. I had absolutely no experience in the industry other than that I understood there are course thread and fine thread bolts. To say the least, I was a little unsure but I was looking forward to learning all I could. And I was excited to be working with my hands creating something again.

2) Is there a specific skill you believe helps you best serve your customers’ needs?

After working with Superior, I discovered a love for problem-solving. I really enjoy creating solutions with adaptors and connectors for our clients’ hydraulic problems. I like meeting and connecting with all kinds of interesting people and feel I am a good communicator. I ask a ton of questions about my clients’ needs to make sure I understand their unique problems and can devise the best solution for their needs. For instance, someone may come in looking for a solution to connect two threads and I have to figure out the adaptors required to connect the two. It’s the perfect combination of working with my hands and my head.  

3) Tell us a bit about yourself. 
I’ve been with my wife, Mary for 36 years. I was 17 years old when we met and we have been together ever since. Our children are our 3 dogs, Lilly, Odie and Bella and an African Grey Parrot named Buddha. In my free time, I love to golf and I am also an avid nature photographer. I’m outdoors every chance I get, hoping to capture the perfect shot.