For Craig Favier, Organization Drives Success

For Craig Favier, Organization Drives Success

Craig Favier joins the Superior Industrial Supply team as an Account Manager, serving the Illinois market as well as the Greater St. Louis area. For Craig, relationships are everything and he is excited to get to know his customers and their needs. If you see Craig, be sure to ask how he can help you organize your storeroom for better efficiency and productivity.  

Tell us about your experience before coming to Superior Industrial Supply.  
I’ve been in this industry for 17 years and served a coverage area of six states. Primarily, my experience included hydraulic hose fabrication, customer service and outside sales. In addition to industrial supply, I’ve supported the supply needs of major automotive dealerships.  

Wow, 17 years! What’s the driving motivation in the work you do?  
I like the people in this industry. I like the challenge. I enjoy going to job sites, engaging with people and helping them find the solutions that meet their needs. There are so many different nuts and bolts, it can be a challenge for the customer to identify the right solution to the problems they are having. I have a lot of knowledge on the fasteners and hydraulic hose systems they use and I enjoy the challenge.  

Is there a specific skill you bring to the table that you believe can help your customers?  
I love organization. Disorganization costs customers time and money. I like to reorganize inventory, whether that’s relabeling them to stand out or making sure they are in the right place. I always try to figure out the best way I can organize their inventory to make them more efficient and save them time, money and space.  

What’s a word of advice you have for others interested in this line of work? 
Relationships are everything. It’s important to take the time to get to know your customers and their needs, but also learn about them as a person. Make them feel comfortable so that the experience is enjoyable for them, outside of the transaction.  

Tell us a little about your hobbies and interests.  
I’m an outdoors guy. Any chance I get, I’m out fishing, duck hunting or playing golf. When I can’t be enjoying the great outdoors, you can catch me cheering on the St. Louis Blues hockey team. Since we lost the Rams, I’m a football fan without a home. That doesn’t stop me from catching every game I can, usually cranking up the smoker and enjoying a feast on my days off.  

Are there any other exciting things you would like to share? 
Sure. I’m a newly married man! Not long ago, my fiancé Abigail and I were married in Colorado. I’m excited about this new chapter in my life. Also, my sister gave birth to her second child in August, so I am an uncle again. That’s exciting!