Danfoss Replaces Eaton Hose Line Branding with a Return to Boston Naming Convention

Danfoss Replaces Eaton Hose Line Branding with a Return to Boston Naming Convention

In 2021, Danfoss Power Solutions acquired Eaton Hydraulics, making them the largest supplier of mobile and industrial hydraulic products on the market, along with a full line of fluid conveyance systems.

Our partnership ensures you have access to the widest selection of hydraulic, industrial and specialty hoses, along with the fittings and connectors your jobs require.

Danfoss specializes in solutions including:

  • Rubber Hydraulic Hoses & Fittings
  • Fuel, Air Conditioning, Thermoplastic & Specialty Hoses
  • Connectors
  • Industrial Hoses

The newest development in the merger: Danfoss officially plans to reintroduce the BOSTON brand, an industrial hose line founded in 1870 and engineered with cutting-edge technology, making it the leading hose on the market today. Learn more about what the merger means to you.

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The Trusted and Timeless Boston Brand is Back

Danfoss is not only refreshing their branding, they are upgrading the entire line of Eaton hoses to the time-tested Boston brand to make hose selection simpler than ever.

Here’s how:

Easier Identification
All critical information is visible on the hose, so no more guesswork when constructing hose assembly. Each hose will clearly display:

	Brand 
	Icon
	Series Name
	Series Number
	Application
	Hose Size
	Agency Certifications
	Pressure
	Temperature Warning Label

Standardized Market Color Schemes for Consistency Across Industries
In addition to including all critical information directly on the hose, Danfoss will color code hoses to align with the industries they serve:

 Air & Multipurpose  Chemical  Chemical Resistance  Food & Beverage  Material Handling  Oil & Petroleum  Oil & Gas Exploration  Gaseous  Specialty  Steam  Water

Boston Icons for Enhanced Recognition
Each industrial application requires specific hoses, fittings and connections. Danfoss makes hose selection easier by associating memorable product names and animal icons allowing for easy recognition in the field. These are just a few examples of the Boston product name strategy:

  • Food & Beverage: LION
  • Material Handling: WILDCAT
  • Oil & Gas Exploration: BLACKCAT
  • Specialty: BLACKCAT
  • Air & Multipurpose: BULLDOG/ BULLDOG Gold/ BULLDOG Yellow Jack
  • Water: OTTER/GATOR
BOSTON by Danfoss industrial hoses

NOTE: Danfoss will be disassembling the Wildcat® Brand to eliminate unnecessary confusion during the hose selection process.

View Danfoss digital catalog.

Boston Industrial Hose Wall Chart

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