Do You Have the Right Hose for the Job?

Do You Have the Right Hose for the Job?

Quality Hose Assembly: Your Guide to STAMPED

Superior Industrial Supply is a member of The Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution’s (NAHAD) Hose Safety Institute, which sets the standard for high-quality reliable hose assemblies. We use the STAMPED acronym to ensure the proper selection of components for the design, fabrication and specification of hose assemblies. STAMPED stands for:

  • Size
  • Temperature
  • Application
  • Material or Media
  • Pressure
  • Ends
  • Delivery

Download our STAMPED form below, which also includes more detail on each of the above factors when identifying the right hose for your needs.

Not sure what you need? Contact your sales rep today or give our customer service team a call at 314-638-6500 Option 4 to discuss your needs or schedule an onsite consultation. 

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