Why Clean = Safe

Why Clean = Safe

Keeping your work space clean is more than just something that feels nice. Cleanliness reduces the risk of accidents and contamination. “Properly assembling and cleaning up hoses is particularly important,” says John Young, Superior Industrial Supply product expert. “Use the Hose Cleaning Kit that we offer.” Consider the cost if a hose is contaminated and has to be sent back to be cleaned up, or the cost of machinery shutting down due to contamination.

Not to mention the risk to workers. “Hoses that are left on the floor are a trip hazard to workers.” John recommends keeping floor areas free of oil spills and hose pieces when possible.

Questions? Interested in our Hose Cleaning Kits? Give our team a call at 314-638-6500 Option 4 or email customerservice@sisupply.com.

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