Our Sales Reps Share Customer Service Lessons from the Field

Our Sales Reps Share Customer Service Lessons from the Field

We live in a fast-paced world and it’s easy to lose sight of how important our relationships really are. Not only should we be paying special attention to our personal relationships, but also those we develop in business. Think about supplier partners in your life that have taken the time to really understand your needs and have managed to keep their promises to you. Now think about those relationships you have that lack that personal touch. Who would you rather do business with?

Far too often, people accept mediocre service from their providers for a multitude of reasons, maybe because they are too busy to find a new partner or it’s just easier to do what has always been done.  When it comes to your industrial and MRO supplies, your relationship with your sales representative should deliver more than just the goods. We spoke to several of our own sales representatives to uncover what they think are the most important aspects of customer service. Here are just a few of the things they had to say.

Get to Know Your Customers

It’s not enough to sell a product, even if you sell it well. That product or service must solve the customer’s problem and offer relief from a challenge they have been facing. Superior Industrial Supply sales representatives pride themselves on getting to know our customers. Many of our reps have been with us for many years and those who are new to the company often bring with them a lifetime of industrial supply experience. They know how to ask the questions that lead to a solution. That ability does not come overnight and is based on years of speaking to customers and learning about their unique work-related challenges.

Strive to Solve Customer Problems

Maybe it’s a simple hose fitting or gasket you need or maybe it’s a more elaborate solution to your problem. Big or small, you shouldn’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty to find a solution that works for the customer. Customer service is also about ongoing support in areas like operational efficiency. If your sales representative isn’t working right with you to find solutions when you need it most, it may be time to find a new partner.

Invest Time to Build Trust

Relationships aren’t built overnight. It takes time and attention to create and sustain relationships for the long haul. It goes far beyond knowing a customer’s business objectives and often includes other personal information that goes outside the scope of a project. Many of our sales reps, for example, have developed relationships that span several decades. What began as a supplier/buyer relationship has morphed into a trusted partnership and even in some cases friendship.

Stay Connected

At Superior Industrial Supply, we actively take strides to make your purchasing experience as enjoyable as possible. Sometimes, that means publishing helpful articles about the products and services you rely on most. Sometimes, that means helping you get to know us through fun Q&A sessions. Our team of sales professionals all believe in one overarching premise; to serve you well we must stay connected. Take this to your own customers. How are you reaching them between the orders? What kinds of resources are you providing them? Remember that every customer is unique and prefers to communicate with their suppliers in various ways, whether that be through onsite visits, phone calls or emails. We take our commitment to stay connected seriously and believe your sales rep should reach out and follow up in a way that best meets the needs of our customers.

You have options and we know that. That’s why Superior Industrial Supply believes our job is to over-service your needs and outperform our competition. We stand ready to serve our customers with the best in customer care, specialized product knowledge and comprehensive support. Give us a call at 314-638-6500 to be connected with a sales representative in your area.

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