Q&A with President Gary Wack

Q&A with President Gary Wack

COVID-19 has upended global and national economies and changed life for every American as we know it. During troublesome times like these, we find it is just as important to focus on the good things we can control as it is to remain informed and realistic about current events. So, we sat down and spoke to Gary Wack, President of Superior Industrial Supply, and asked him to share his thoughts on his company, his employees and his loyal customer base.   

What makes you proud of Superior Industrial Supply? 

I’m proud of my father and uncle and for their part in growing the company to the point they did before passing the reigns on to Paul Kratz and myself. They say about two-thirds of second-generation businesses fail and I’m proud that we are still here, continuing to grow and expand the business and broaden our product offering, all the while keeping customer service paramount. Our reputation and the fact that we always strive to take great care of our customers is what makes me the proudest.  

Do you recall a time in the past that Superior had to overcome challenges like the ones we face today? 

The last recession in 2008 was challenging for us. Sales dropped about 40%, making it challenging to keep our entire workforce employed. With the exception of one employee that was nearing retirement and declined a position that would ensure continued employment, we were able to keep everyone employed. The company itself took a hit at that point financially, but we’re family. It was worth the struggle to keep everybody working and maintain the level of service we promise our customers.  

How has Superior changed over the years?  

Our focus has never changed. It has and always will be a ‘customer first’ type of business. Our goal is to take care of our customers’ needs. People want a quality product with competitive pricing, and they want us to have it in stock. We keep expanding our product offering to meet customer demands and have grown and developed so much over the years. I guess the biggest change would be our use of technology. Technology has advanced so rapidly with its analytics, inventory control and CRM capabilities.   

Regarding COVID-19, do you have a message you would like to share?

First and foremost, we want to let our loyal customers and business partners know how much we appreciate them and value these important relationships. My heart goes out to all of you that are dealing with the fallout of the coronavirus. We are working tirelessly to take care of your needs and help you meet your business goals, while doing our best to keep our employees safe and working during these difficult times.  

To our employees, we are so thankful for your efforts. We have a great team and I love you all. We are so grateful you are all here. We will get through this together.  

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