Keeping an “eye” on the details: Q&A with Brian Hoffman

Keeping an “eye” on the details: Q&A with Brian Hoffman

Brian Hoffman is one of Superior Industrial Supply’s Purchasing Agents. For over 24 years, Brian has been involved in every facet of business from the warehouse and customer service to his current position in the purchasing department. Many don’t know that before joining the Superior team, Brian had his eyes set on another career. Fortunately, he decided to dedicate his talents serving the needs of our loyal customers instead. Let’s get to know Brian a bit more.

1. What do you enjoy about working for Superior Industrial Supply?
It’s a family-oriented company. I really enjoy how close everyone is. Some people may come and go, but there are a lot of us that have been here for a number of years. For as long as I have been here, there is always something new to learn; a new need coming across the counter or a new problem to solve. It keeps you on your toes.

2. What skills enable you to provide customers with the best experience possible?
I’ve been with Superior for so long and have worked in different roles. I understand the needs of our customers as well as the needs of those who work in our warehouse. I work hard and try to stay very organized. I’m quite particular and believe in double-checking my work to be sure ordering and pricing are accurate. I know where to look for things and how to get parts and products in a timely manner. Our customers don’t have time to wait, especially if their machines are down. We have to get them what they need so they can get their equipment up and running.

3. How has the industry changed since you began working for Superior?
I think what really stands out is the development of technology. Things were much different when I first started. Today with the internet and accessibility of phones, people can send me photos of a part or something they need to replace. That makes it much easier than trying to describe their needs over the phone. Everything is done primarily online as opposed to using a fax machine to manage orders. This helps in accuracy and efficiency.

4. What is something many people don’t know about you?
Before joining Superior, I was attending school to become an optometrist. I thought I wanted to be an eye doctor. But there was a change in events — a job opportunity opened up at Superior. I came on board, initially as a customer service representative and inside sales. I eventually moved into purchasing about 16 years ago and have been in this department ever since. In addition to my standard duties, I purchase virtually all items for our hose and fittings side of the business.

I also play the guitar. Currently, I’m in an acoustic group and we play various local venues and have for the past 25 years, anything from classic rock to country music. I’ve played in a full band in the past as well. I enjoy spending time with my wife and 17-year-old son and 15-year-old daughter. As they’ve gotten older and more involved in school and sports, it’s not easy to play music as often. But I don’t want to miss out on anything they do.

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