Get to know your customer service team– Meet Jay Mueller

Get to know your customer service team– Meet Jay Mueller

Jay Mueller is your dedicated Customer Service Representative and has been serving the needs of Superior Industrial Supply customers for over eight years. His robust product knowledge and super-human memory helps him quickly sort out customer problems to find them the best solutions for successful operations. We asked Jay to share a bit about himself. This is what he had to say:

1. What was your experience before coming to work with Superior?
I worked for a farm equipment store for about 33 years before I joined the team here. We sold everything from farm equipment and nuts and bolts to hydraulic hoses and more. We were a community fixture, serving the needs of our agricultural customers until the dealer closed in 2012. Many of the products we sold and the accompanying knowledge has crossed over into my work with industrial customers and I am proud to be a part of the Superior team.

2. What do you enjoy most about working in this industry?
My history working within the agricultural community showed me the value of working together. It’s very much the same in the industrial world. I work hard every day to help people and their businesses operate and I feel a deep sense of pride when I can do that. It’s also important that I be a source of support for the sales team. If I am able to assist them, either through product research or reviewing past orders, it ultimately helps their customer succeed.

3. How do you help customers find the best solution for their needs?
I take the time to ask the right questions and understand where the customer is coming from. Sometimes, customers will know exactly what they are looking for. But there are many occasions when they struggle to find the part or tool that is right for their needs. I think my years of experience help me know what questions to ask to get them the results they’re after. However, there are times when it’s not that simple. The customer may have a specific need that I’m not familiar with. That’s when having a team like the one I have at Superior is so important. We work together to brainstorm solutions that help our customers operate more successfully.

4. Tell us a bit about yourself.
My free time tends to be spent with my grandchildren and we enjoy every moment we get to spend with them. We have three grandchildren; one granddaughter who is nine and two grandsons, ages seven and two. I’m very proud of them, especially with all of the challenges they’ve faced with the pandemic this year.

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