Meet the Team: Laura Langley has helped Superior maintain its quality service for 35 years

Meet the Team: Laura Langley has helped Superior maintain its quality service for 35 years

Laura Langley, a St. Louis area native and lifelong resident of Fenton, MO has been a dedicated employee at Superior, celebrating her 35 year anniversary in November. Laura has spent those years caring for Superior’s finance and operations needs as well as her family; even fostering rescue dogs on the side.

1. Why did you start working at Superior?

A friend from high school got me the job. She was already working at Superior and said she thought I would like it. I didn’t have any office experience before that, but they hired me to answer phones and work at the front of the office. That was years ago and I never left.

2. What about your job makes you proud?

It’s very easy now. I can do anything in the office. Originally working as a receptionist, I have moved up and now run all Accounts Payable. I know about most roles on the administrative side of the business and am comfortable handling most of them. I’ve recently learned the details of Accounts Receivable as well. Though, the two accounting roles shouldn’t be handled by one person, it is nice to expand my own knowledge and skills.

3. What are some memorable changes you have seen as Superior has grown and changed?

We used to have an intercom system that we would yell through at each other to communicate orders. Now, we have an automated system and communicate mainly via email. No more yelling. Other than that, a lot has not changed. It’s a casual, nice environment and the work is fast paced. I like the people here. 

4. What do you bring to work that is uniquely you?

My loyalty. I am always here and always on time.

5. How do you spend your time away from work?

I have four kids and four grandchildren so they have always been my focus. Right now I spend a lot of time with my youngest granddaughter, Neva. She is 2.5 years old and so much fun to play with. My other granddaughters and grandson are grown up so its nice enjoying this age again as a grandparent.

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