Fix Refrigerant Fluid Hose Lines Fast with Eaton's E-Z Clip™ and Evercool EC007

Fix Refrigerant Fluid Hose Lines Fast with Eaton's E-Z Clip™ and Evercool EC007

For the simplest hose assembly in the air conditioning and refrigeration hose and fitting markets, we trust the Eaton E-Z Clip and Evercool hoses. Why? Because together, they offer a tight seal and are engineered to work with virtually every hose-compatible refrigerant on the market. 

Why Choose Eaton’s EZ Clip for A/C Hose repair?  

EZ Clip is a popular and reliable air conditioning hose assembly system made to work with most pre-made AC hose configurations. EZ Clip is a smart system with aligned crimp rings, easy-to-see crimp cages, a barbed insert and two O-rings to guard against leakage, assuring a secured fit on GH001 A/C hoses. Learn more about E-Z Clip from Eaton.  

 Other benefits include:  

  • End connections for a variety of applications 
  • No leaking crimps 
  • No power supply required 
  • Easy-to-use in confined spaces 
  • Simple to install 
  • Reduced installation time (up to 50%) 

Need a hose assembly for a specialty application?  

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The EZ Clip System is engineered and approved for assembly with Eaton’s multi-refrigerant, air conditioning hose GH001. The EZ Clip system significantly exceeds SAE J2064 performance rating with a temperature range of –40 degrees Fahrenheit up to 284 degrees Fahrenheit and is qualified with R134a, R1234yf, R404a, R407C, R452 and R410 standards. 

For more info on the Eaton E-Z Clip System, watch now: EZ Clip Product Video 

Why Choose Eaton’s Evercool EC007 Type C Barrier Hose?  

The Evercool hose lineup offers proven performance and reliability when you need it most. Eaton’s EverCool EC007 Type C barrier hose is the newest addition to their portfolio of A/C hoses. Ideal for truck, agricultural and construction customers, EC007 A/C hose is designed for improved fracture and kink resistance, ultimately reducing hose damage that occurs when bending the hose in difficult or tight installations or through normal wear and tear. 

In addition, the EverCool EC007 A/C hose is capable of a flat crimp connection with the 757E-series fitting and has lower permeation than any other Type C hose to minimize refrigeration loss, reducing environment impact, downtime and cost associated with “topping off the system”.  

Other benefits include:  

  • Exceeds SAE J3062 and SAE J2064 specifications 
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +135°C (-40°F to +275°F) 
  • Class 1 moisture ingression rating 
  • Excellent performance against heat fatigue failure 
  • Ultra-low permeation 
  • 2-year Eaton warranty 

Superior Industrial Supply carries Eaton’s convenient, space-conscious E-Z Clip assembly kit and Evercool hoses for finishing and fixing hose lines on the go, without the need to go to a Hose Center store. 

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