The Essential Guide to Choosing Facility Maintenance and Cleaning Products by Industry

The Essential Guide to Choosing Facility Maintenance and Cleaning Products by Industry

Are you looking to reduce your total cost of ownership, increase productivity, enhance operational efficiency and improve worker safety? No matter what your operational need, Zep has comprehensive solutions for a safer and more productive workplace. View their robust line of focused maintenance and cleaning solutions segmented by industry type. Then, talk to your Superior Industrial Supply sales professional to discuss your options.  

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U.S. Products by Zep 

Zep U.S. products simply work better, offering reduced cleaning time and lower labor costs. They carry a full line of chemical management solutions, cleaners, degreasers, odor control, paint removal and disinfectant care products developed specifically for industrial applications. 

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COVID-19 Response Products 

Health and hygiene have always been a priority in your facility, but with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, cleanliness has taken on a whole new meaning. When disinfecting and sanitization isn’t enough, Zep offers a full line of products to help you deep clean, disinfect and maintain your facility confidently.  

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Manufacturing Products 

Regular cleaning and maintenance are important components of a well-run production facility. Safety, energy efficiency, equipment performance, regulatory compliance and warranty coverages are all impacted by industrial maintenance practices. Zep offers focused solutions for all of your industrial manufacturing needs. 

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Oil & Gas Products 

Proper maintenance of oil refineries and production plants is critical to worker safety and operational performance. Any build-up of oil, dirt, grime or debris can cause equipment to malfunction. This not only impedes production rates, but also put workers at extreme risk of fire, explosion, slip and fall accidents and respiratory illnesses. Zep offers focused solutions for your oil and gas production activities.  

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Automotive & Transportation Products 

Fleet vehicle maintenance and automotive care requires regular and routine inspections, cleaning and maintenance services to ensure your vehicles operate safely and efficiently, burn less fuel, break down less often and cost less to keep them on the road. Zep offers a full line of automotive products to keep your cars, buses, trucks or heavy equipment operating at peak performance.  

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Parts Washing Products 

Parts washing systems are an integral part of manufacturing and remanufacturing processes. Meant to clean, degrease and dry small and large parts, parts washing not only lowers operational costs and leads to more consistent performance, it reduces environmental risks when done correctly. Zep offers a full line of parts washing solutions to reduce disposal fees and solvent costs while improving your operations.  

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Aviation & Military Products 

Aircraft, land vehicle and facility maintenance require specialized solutions that adhere to MIL-SPEC/Aviation requirements for interoperability, safety and compatibility. ZEP offers a complete line of MIL-SPEC and Aviation-approved products for increased productivity, operational efficiency and the highest levels of safety.  

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Food & Beverage Products 

Food and beverage operations require the highest level of health and hygiene and depend on products that are compliant with strict regulations. Zep offers the Assure Sanitation Program as well as cleaning and sanitation products to improve your food quality and safety programs without sacrificing productivity.  

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Do you recognize these facility cleaning and maintenance products from Zep?  

Ever wonder where the name Zep came from? Named after three visionaries: Mandle Zaban, William Eplan and Sal Powell, Zep has been the industry’s first choice for maintenance and cleaning solutions since 1937. If you look around your facility right now, chances are you have a few Zep products that you use regularly. 

  • Absorbents 
  • Adhesives & Sealants 
  • Air Care 
  • Auto Wash & Maintenance 
  • Bulk Brake Cleaners 
  • Carpet Care 
  • Cleaners, Cleaning Tools & Polishes 
  • Concrete & Asphalt Chemicals 
  • Degreasers & Pressure Washing  
  • Disinfectants 
  • Plumbing, Drain & Sewer Care 
  • Equipment Maintenance 
  • Food & Beverage  
  • Food Retail Cleaners 
  • Glass Cleaners 
  • Greases, Lubricants & Penetrants 
  • Hard Floor Care 
  • Hand Care 
  • Insecticides & Weed Killers 
  • Laundry Chemicals 
  • Restroom Care 

You may even recognize some of their top-rated automotive brands such as:


armor all
rain x
black magic
blue coral

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