Industry Consolidation: What the Danfoss and Eaton Hydraulic Merger Means for You

Industry Consolidation: What the Danfoss and Eaton Hydraulic Merger Means for You

Acquisitions are nothing new. We have seen them change the industrial landscape and give way to organizations with more diverse offerings and extensive competencies. Recently, Eaton Hydraulics was acquired by Danfoss Power Solutions. Danfoss has been an industry leader in mobile hydraulics for over 50 years. Combined with Eaton’s extensive hydraulic business, the partnership is anticipated to grow its footprint by one-third. Now, Danfoss Power Solutions will have the broadest selection of mobile and industrial hydraulic products and solutions on the market, along with a full line of fluid conveyance systems.  

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What can I expect from the Danfoss and Eaton Hydraulic merger?  

The partnership will enable us to provide even more robust product knowledge, technical support and increased supply options for all of your hydraulic needs. You trust Superior Industrial Supply with your industrial supply needs and know us for our trusted partnership with Eaton Hydraulics. We know you will have questions on how the acquisition will impact your business needs. Below, we share insights and answers to some common questions. 

Will I still be able to purchase Eaton Hydraulic products?  

With the Danfoss Power Solutions merger, you will still have access to the same quality Eaton Hydraulic products and services you have come to trust for your operational needs. The same hoses, hose ends, fittings, valves, couplings and seals will be available to you along with an extended selection of innovative hydraulic products— providing you with even more diverse solutions to your company’s needs.   

Will warranty and conditions change? 

At this time, product warranty terms and conditions will not change and if they ever should be adjusted to harmonize with Danfoss’ policies, you will be notified well in advance.  

Will Danfoss continue to provide Eaton Hydraulics online tools?  

We know you rely on Eaton Hydraulics online tools for getting the most out of your hydraulic systems. You will continue to have digital access to these tools in the future. Danfoss Power Solutions also plans to invest in technology and digital support to continually improve the end-user experience.  

For more information on the merger, please view the Danfoss FAQ page or speak to your Superior Industrial Supply sales representative.  

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