How Superior’s Rigorous Training Programs Impact the Customer Experience

How Superior’s Rigorous Training Programs Impact the Customer Experience

Looking for a supply partner that understands your business? Choose one with the knowledge and expertise to help you operate safely and more efficiently.  

Training and education programs create a better customer experience and a safer workplace environment. It’s why we require every member of our staff to complete a series of training courses, arming them with the knowledge they need to help you solve your biggest challenges. Below are some examples of coursework that our Superior team members take to serve you better. 

Employee-Focused Training Requirements

Hydraulic Training: Fluid Conveying Product School  

We are your hydraulic hose experts. 

Each year, select Superior Industrial Supply employees participate in online hydraulic training provided by industry-leading Danfoss Power Solutions, formerly Eaton Weatherhead. Once training is completed and employees pass an academic exam, they receive a certificate of course completion. Courses include: 

Level 200: This 20-hour course incorporates training on the 4-Core Strategy for Weatherhead brand fluid conveying products and consists of live demonstrations, product literature navigation, proper hose assembly techniques and instructor interaction. Once coursework is completed, employees gain general knowledge on hydraulic hose assemblies, product selection and catalog usage.  

Topics covered include:  

  • Hose construction 
  • Hydraulic hoses and fittings 
  • Crimping machine overviews 
  • Master catalog and literature review 

Level 300-400: This advanced course builds upon knowledge gained in the Level 200 course and includes sessions on proper product identification and application techniques, proper techniques for hose routing, methods for analyzing hose failure and training on identifying, assembling and installing Weatherhead products.  

Topics covered include:  

  • Product and application demonstrations 
  • Hydraulic tube bending with lab demonstration  
  • Assembly equipment (advanced) with lab demonstration  
  • Leaks, causes and cures (lab demonstrating proper assembly techniques) 
  • Hose routing and safety (principles and techniques) 
  • Analyzing hose failures  
  • Hose assembly routing & installation with interactive lab 

* We also adhere to the Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution (NAHAD) Hose Safety Institute (HSI) guidelines for proper hose fabrication and assembly.  

OSHA-Approved Employee Safety Training 

Safety is important to us.  

We’re not only committed to having the most comprehensive product knowledge to serve you, we believe we must protect our valued employees as well. Each year, we provide training to workers who face hazards on the job. We extend that training to all appropriate members of our staff, including customer service agents, sales representatives, drivers and counter personnel to ensure the highest level of safety for all team members. We provide our employees with the most current OSHA-approved training to help them identify and avoid common occupational hazards.  

We require ongoing training in safety and health topics that include:  

Hazard Communication: An Employee’s Right to Understand  
Coursework on how to safely use, handle, and store hazardous chemicals in the workplace.  

Slips, Trips & Falls 
Coursework on how to recognize and avoid unsafe walking-working surfaces and avoid slip, trip and fall hazards in the workplace.  

Ladder Safety  
Coursework on the safe use of portable and fixed ladders and provides the employee with information on hazards and control measures to reduce risk.  

Fire Safety and Prevention 
Coursework on potential causes of workplace fires and explosions as well as information on how to respond and evacuate the premises in the event of such an event.  

Distracted Driving  
Coursework on the risks associated with distracted driving and ways to minimize episodes of distracted driving and/or exposure to those events.  

Defensive Driving 
Coursework that explains simple, yet effective defensive driving techniques to reduce chances of being involved in a motor vehicle accident.  

Ergonomics in the Workplace  
Coursework designed to provide the basic information needed to recognize and report musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) signs, symptoms, and risk factors. 

Back Safety and Injury Prevention 
Coursework designed to raise awareness of workplace hazards that can cause back injuries and solutions for employees to protect themselves from preventable back injuries. 

Hearing Conservation  
Coursework on noise-induced hearing loss and information on a proper hearing conservation program, including the proper fitting, use, and care of hearing protectors.  

Eye Protection 
Coursework on identifying potential occupational risks that require eye and face protection to protect against chemical, environmental or mechanical hazards.

Basic First Aid 
Coursework on how to use a systematic approach and evaluate an emergency situation and respond to basic first aid situations prior to the arrival of emergency medical services (EMS).  

Workplace Training 

To further protect our employees and customers, we require our managers and employees to participate in workplace harassment training. This extensive training covers various types of unlawful harassment and discrimination and offers practical, easy-to-understand examples to deter workplace incidents and provide a safer and more rewarding work environment.  

Courses include:  

  • Workplace Harassment Prevention for Managers  
  • Workplace Harassment Prevention for Non-Managers 

Have questions on improving the safety and efficiency of your hydraulic hose systems?  

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Why Employee Training Matters 

Fact: Some hydraulic applications are pushing 5-10 thousand pounds per square inch of pressure (psi). If a hydraulic hose assembly is poorly designed and installed, the results could be devastating — causing injuries, fatalities, equipment failure and costly environmental damage. 

Are you currently sourcing your hydraulic hose supplies from someone who understands your business? Choosing an inexperienced supplier can make or break your operation’s success. If your current provider doesn’t know what they are doing and uses the wrong fitting or hose for your application, your employees and your business are at serious risk from safety issues, unnecessary downtime, potential lawsuits and environmental fines.  

Working with experienced hydraulic hose providers means you’re less likely to have accidents due to faulty hose assemblies. You’ll have less employee downtime as a result of shutdowns and fewer episodes of equipment failure, not to mention fewer leaks and spills that can cost you thousands in fines.  

While we promote a culture of safety, we’re also making certain our customers’ needs are met effectively and efficiently. Our regular training and certification programs help us work safer and smarter so we remain fully staffed and ready to serve you. As your supply partner, our education requirements are just another way we take our services to the next level. 

We feel honored to offer our employees these education opportunities that not only protect themselves and others but also advance their careers. Building on soft skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership and interpersonal communication can help set the stage for long-term success, for them and us.

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