Top 49 Essential Fastener Tips from the American Fastener Journal

Top 49 Essential Fastener Tips from the American Fastener Journal

Fasteners like bolts, screws, staples and rivets are often the lowest cost items in any structure. As a result, fastener selection is often overlooked in the design and engineering process. However, joint connections made with incorrect or inferior materials can quickly turn a routine job into a costly one wrought with issues.  

Proper fastener selection can help you avoid: 

  • Premature failure  
  • Diminished load strength  
  • Higher material costs  
  • Shortened fastener life  
  • Voided warranties  
  • Higher labor and repair costs  
  • Worker safety risks 

Proper Fastener Selection Tips from the Experts 

To be sure you are making the right choice when shopping for fasteners, it’s important to arm yourself with some level of technical knowledge. But there’s no one-size-fits-all solution and fastener selection can quickly become overwhelming. So, when we came across this article published in the American Fastener Journal on top fastener essentials, we had to pass that information on to you. 

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The author is Guy Avellon, a 30-year MRO professional that has held numerous positions in engineering, product marketing, and quality system control for decades. Most notably, he is a member of SAE International, Vice-Chair for ASTM Fastener Committee, a 2-decade chairman of the Fastener Test Methods and was presented with the ASTM Award of Merit.  

To say this guy is a pro is an understatement.  

In this article titled Fastener Essentials, Avellon offers advice on things like fastener selection, fastener uses, tightening procedures, tips to avoid fastener failure. and much more.  

He offers tips like:  

1. Always use a nut whose strength matches the grade of its mating fastener.  

2. Hardened USS flat washers do not increase the load bearing surface area any more than an SAE hardened flat washer does on a steel joint.  

3. Never cut additional threads onto a roll threaded fastener.  

4. Never apply full torque to a fastener during initial tightening, especially with multiple fasteners in a single joint connection.  

5. And much, much more!  

“When in doubt, throw it out.” 

– Guy Avellon  

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It’s one thing to choose the wrong gauge staple for upholstery fastening. It’s another to select the wrong bolt for a heavy-duty application like constructing buildings or bridges. In both scenarios, however, failure can cost the company time, money and their reputation. 

To avoid costly mistakes, we recommend considering the following questions when identifying the fastening components your job requires:  

1. How will the fastener be used?  

2. Where will the fastener be used?  

3. Are there any regulations or standards that pertain to that application? 

4. What materials should your fastener be constructed from?  

5. Are there coating requirements for this application? 

6. What strength requirements does your application need?  

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