Danfoss UniqID Asset Tracker for Better Supply Management and Machine Uptime

Danfoss UniqID Asset Tracker for Better Supply Management and Machine Uptime

Stop the presses!  

The latest innovation from Danfoss is going to change everything you thought you knew about your parts supply management.  

Imagine this…  

You get a call from your lead foreman about a failed high-pressure air hose on a major piece of mining equipment. You don’t have to be onsite to know that with the rugged nature of mining that hose assembly is probably dirty, scuffed and any original markings are worn clear off.  

Your employees are scratching their head, asking:  

What’s the inner dimension of the hose?  

What is the recommended operating pressure?  

What are the temperature limits?  

While your crew scrambles to figure out the right hoses and fittings needed for an effective repair — your production comes to a screeching halt.  

By adding an asset tracker tag, you can significantly reduce the amount of downtime your crew experiences waiting for a repair.  

Not only do asset tags make repair and replacement of your equipment faster and easier, it can help you effectively plan the parts you need on hand to make the repair.  

In a time when supply costs and lead times have gone off the rails, the UniqID Asset Tracker system from Danfoss is the game changer we’ve been waiting for.  

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What is the UniqID Asset Tracker?  

Danfoss’ UniqID Asset Tracker is a solution that tracks the Danfoss hoses, tubings, fittings and connectors you purchase through us and connects them to your assets, along with test certifications, inspection requirements, replacement schedules, photos, drawings, and much more.  

Together with Boston Industrial Hoses by Danfoss, you’ll have additional (nearly indestructible) information at your fingertips, such as:  

  • Brand 
  • Product Name 
  • Series / Size 
  • Category / Application  
  • ID / DN  
  • Certifications  
  • Temperature Limitations 
  • Operating Pressures 
  • Warning Labels 

Why is this important?  

With this data, you can easily review your hose assembly, components and equipment and we can provide specific recommendations for replacements, maintenance and fast reordering. No more fumbling to know what fitting is needed on your loader’s hose assembly.  

Fast. Efficient. Effective.  

Explore the features and benefits of UniqID Asset Tracker from Danfoss 

The UniqID label is affixed to your Danfoss hoses and just a quick scan provides your Superior sales rep with the exact needs and specifications for each machine asset. Armed with this data, we can:  

  • Access asset life cycle: Label, track and manage products while meeting your industry’s OEM compliance requirements. 
  • Reduce downtime: Repair and replace quickly and accurately with instant hose assembly information for fast and efficient reordering. 
  • Manage assets on the go: Accessible on smartphones and tablets — anywhere, anytime. This is especially important on remote worksites.  
  • Set schedules & run reports: Proactively manage upcoming maintenance and replacement needs via built-in scheduling.  
  • Streamline record keeping: Upload inspection info, testing certifications, engineering drawings and much more.  

NOTE: Have other industrial or MRO supply items you would like to track for improved inventory, maintenance programs or streamlined ordering? While the UniqID Asset Tracker was designed for Danfoss hose assemblies, they can be used across industrial products of all kinds.  

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Superior Industrial Supply understands your industrial and hydraulic hose needs and how efficient repairs are critical to your business’s success. To help you get back to work quickly, we can place a hose crimping machine on-site, complete with bulk hose and hose ends. We also offer training on fast and effective hose repair when you need it most. 

We carry everything you need for your hydraulic hose assemblies from top-rated brands like Danfoss. If you have questions on how Superior can help you improve operations and extend the life of your hydraulic hose assemblies, stop into our St. Louis location, or call 314-638-6500 OPTION 4 or toll-free 800-783-6501.