Have a Parker or Gates Hydraulic Hose Crimper on Site but Want to Run Danfoss Hoses? 

Have a Parker or Gates Hydraulic Hose Crimper on Site but Want to Run Danfoss Hoses? 

Moving from a Parker or Gates hydraulic hose set-up to Danfoss (formerly Eaton)? Need a safe and effective way to make the transition?  

Unlike field attachable fittings that only require a wrench and a vise, permanent crimp fittings for heavy-duty applications require a crimping machine to attach the hose to the fitting. If you are currently running a Parker or Gates crimping machine and need to repair Danfoss hoses, you need a solution that allows you to make factory-quality hose assemblies onsite.  

Since hydraulic fittings are the weakest links in your hose assembly, we recommend against mixing and matching manufacturer hose assembly components to avoid dangerous and expensive leaks. 

It is possible to use a Parker or Gates hydraulic hose crimper to crimp Danfoss hoses, as long as you use the correct dies and fittings. However, it is important to note that different manufacturers may have different crimp specifications, so it is important to verify that the crimp specifications for Danfoss hoses are compatible with the Parker or Gates crimper you are using. 

However, by using the Danfoss conversion kit you can effectively convert your existing Parker or Gates crimping machine to meet the specifications of the Danfoss hose line. Now, Danfoss tooling, hoses and hose ends can be used in conjunction with your existing crimper, saving money on equipment and tooling costs.  

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Implementing a Danfoss conversion kit is ideal for markets that may rely on multiple manufacturers for their hydraulic hoses assembly needs and include:  

  • Construction  
  • Transportation 
  • Mining 
  • Agriculture 
  • Material Handling  
  • Maintenance 
  • And more 

Have questions about choosing the right hose assembly for your operation?  

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Introducing Danfoss Hydraulic Hose Crimper Conversion Kits 

Danfoss has your solution. Now, you can easily convert from Parker using the Danfoss T-400-PH Parker Conversion Kit or from Gates using the Danfoss T-420-GT Tooling Gates Conversion Kit. When converting, it’s critical to remember to account for the following STAMPED requirements:  

  • Size 
  • Temperature  
  • Application 
  • Media 
  • Pressure 
  • Ends 
  • Delivery 

See our STAMPED reference sheet to choose the right hydraulic fitting for your needs. 

Each kit comes with instructions, items to convert the machine, crimp spec charts, rebranding materials, safety stickers and training information.

The Danfoss Conversion Kit works on a variety of hose types, including:  

  • Braided 
  • Spiral 
  • Thermoplastic 
  • PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)  
  • Engine and Fuel 

View Danfoss Conversion Kit Spec Sheet 

Before crimping the Danfoss hoses, you should also ensure that you have the correct Danfoss fittings and hoses that are designed to work together. It is also recommended that you follow the crimping instructions and guidelines provided by Danfoss to ensure a proper and secure crimp. 

It is always best to consult with your Superior Industrial Supply sales representative or a hydraulic expert to ensure that you are using the correct components and following proper procedures. 

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Don’t have a crimping machine but need one? We can install a new hose crimping machine onsite, complete with bulk hose and hose ends. Plus, we offer training on fast and effective hose repair so you know your team is well-equipped in the event of hose failure. 

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Superior Industrial Supply understands your hydraulic hose needs and how efficient repairs are critical to your business’s success.  

We carry everything you need for your hydraulic hose assemblies from top-rated brands like Danfoss. If you have questions on how Superior can help you improve operations and extend the life of your hydraulic hose assemblies, stop into our St. Louis location, or call 314-638-6500 OPTION 4 or toll-free 800-783-6501.