Q & A with Anthony Posley

Q & A with Anthony Posley

Anthony’s military background, problem solving and artistic abilities help him find imaginative and effective solutions for you.

Meet Anthony Posley, Inside Sales Representative for Superior Industrial Supply. For the last four years, he’s brought unique experience to the Superior family which help him find creative solutions for his customers’ biggest challenges. A 20 year veteran of the United States Navy and a skilled aircraft mechanic, Anthony brings high level problem solving and real-world experience to the team. He is also quite artistic. He creates and draws comic books. In an effort to learn more about Anthony, we asked him to share a bit more about himself.

1. Tell us about your experience prior to working at Superior Industrial Supply.
For 20 years, I was active in the Navy as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. I took care of the life-preserving equipment that keeps pilots and passengers alive, including the ejection seats, oxygen systems, air conditioning and pressurization systems in the aircrafts. After that, I worked for the city of St. Louis at the transportation center before coming on board at Superior.

2. Why were you excited to join the Superior team?
It reminds me quite a bit of my military family. There are many places where people go to work, clock in and then go home. Not here. They’re like my second family. I know everyone and they know me. We are genuinely concerned about each other.

3. Is there a specific skill set that you believe is beneficial to Superior?
With my military background, I understand the mechanics of things. Back then, I never thought about the bolts and screws and O-rings I worked with on a regular basis, but now it really carries over to my work today. Also, when I first started at Superior, I began in the warehouse constructing hoses and taking orders so I became quite familiar with the industry, the paperwork and the computer system. There are always new things to learn and my clients’ needs change every day, from hose assemblies and PSI to the actual purpose of the hose. I’m always learning and looking to learn more to help my customers even better.

4. What interests you the most about this industry?
There’s always a puzzle to solve. And being a part of inside sales, my customers are usually explaining their problems over the phone and looking for a solution. That’s not easy to do when you can’t see what they are describing. It often comes down to your building skills. In your mind you have to create a solution that’s going to work for them. Once you’re able to take something complicated and break it down into something simple and achievable, that’s the best part of this job.

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