Jobber Vs Mechanics Length Drill Bits: Why Drill Bit Selection Matters

Jobber Vs Mechanics Length Drill Bits: Why Drill Bit Selection Matters

All you want is a drill bit that can quickly and accurately create the right size hole without damaging the workpiece. It should be simple, right? To the untrained eye, all drill bits may appear to be the same. But each drill bit type is much like a snowflake with subtle differences that can make a world of difference in the quality of the finished piece. Today, we want to focus on the difference between a standard jobber drill bit and a mechanics drill bit and offer a few of our favorite selections. 

What’s the difference: Jobber drill bit vs mechanics drill bit?

Jobber length drill bits are the most common and have a longer length compared to the diameter of the shaft. They are commonly used in softer materials such as wood, soft metals or composite. A mechanics length drill bit is a bit that has a shorter overall length, as well as a shorter flute length. This allows them to be used in tight spaces. The shorter length also allows them to be more resistant to breakage, making them ideal for drilling into harder materials and hard metal drilling.

Superior Industrial Supply recommends these premium drill bits from Norseman Drill and Tools:

190-AG Jobber Length Drill Bits
The high-speed steel (HSS) heavy-duty NAS 907B, Type 190-AG, Magnum Super Premium 3-Flats on Shank jobber length drill bit with a 135° Split Point is manufactured to strict National Aerospace Standards. Magnum is proven to outperform cobalt drills in work-hardening stainless steel. Type 190-AG offers low temperature stress relief to improve lubricity and toughness and is available in a variety of diameters, lengths and flute lengths to meet any application.

175-AG Mechanic Length Drill Bits
The high-speed steel (HSS) Type 175-AG Magnum Super Premium 3-Flats on Shank  has a 135° Split Point for fast and accurate penetration without a center punch. The body and clearance are gold-surface treated for maximum lubricity. Also available in a variety of diameters, lengths and flute lengths.

See the Norseman™ 190-AG Heavy-Duty NAS 907B in Action!

Why Norseman™ Drill and Tool?

Norseman drill bits are proudly manufactured in St. Paul, Minn. Their 100,000-square-foot U.S.-based manufacturing facility is specially designed to create efficient and high-quality cutting tools from the world’s finest steel. Plus, you can rest easy knowing you have the best drill bits on the market, crafted with materials that meet strict National Aerospace Standard (NAS) 907.

3 Things to Look for When Choosing Your Next Jobber or Mechanics Drill Bit

There are several materials commonly used to manufacture drill bits and what you choose will have a direct impact on your cutting tool’s performance.

High-speed steel (HSS) drill bits are made from a special type of carbon steel that can withstand high temperatures and can also take coatings, giving the drill bit better lubricity and decreased friction. HSS drill bits are often the preferred choice for drilling applications as they tend to have a longer tool life.  Low carbon steel drill bits are relatively inexpensive and can cut wood, but not hard metals and often require sharpening. High carbon steel drill bits require less maintenance than low carbon drill bits and can cut wood and metal.

Cobalt drill bits are created when HSS is alloyed with 5%-8% cobalt. The result is high heat resistance and because the cobalt is found throughout the entire drill bit rather than applied as a coating, it is particularly effective in high production applications.

Flute Styles
Most drill bits have flutes, which are angled grooves cut into the body of the bit. These flutes provide a cutting surface, help to remove material and allow cutting fluid to reach the cutting surfaces. The most common types of flutes include standard flutes, parabolic flutes and straight flutes.

Did you know?

Norseman™, a Superior Industrial Supply partner, offers a 130AG with a ½” Reduced Shank Magnum Super Premium drill bit, and we have them in stock for you. Learn more about Norseman here. (And then give us a call to place your order today!)

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